Refund Policy

We want you to be completely happy with every aspect of our business relationship. So, we’ve put together this refund policy for our products and services to put you at ease when ordering.

To receive a refund for any product or service we offer, you must follow all of the instructions below:

  • The request is self-service, and can be submitted at within 14 days from the date of product purchase.
  • It must contain the product or service you are requesting the refund for.
  • It must contain the email address and mobile number you provided when making the purchase.
  • It must meet any other guidelines outlined on the rest of this page.
  • As long as all the criteria are met refunds are usually processed within 3 business days of request.

For all other products not mentioned above the following refund policies apply:

  • Unless specified otherwise when purchasing any Everusmall  products, we will refund the full amount you paid for the product if you contact us and ask for a refund within 14 days of the purchase date. You can contact us to request a refund via our help-desk at +603-78900011.
  • No refunds are provided after the first 14 days.
  • For other merchant/partner products, and/or non branded products, the refund policy will be governed by the other merchant/partner Refund T&C’s.

For any questions concerning these policies or about one of your purchases please contact Everusmall HelpDesk at (+60) 03-78900011 or by using the form on our contact page: