About Everusmall

Everusmall is a leading online digital commerce portal in Southeast Asia. Everusmall is part of Everus World which aims to provide users with an effortless shopping experience, and local merchants with simple and direct access to spending customers.

Everusmall aims to bring seamless transactions and purchases to users, while also facilitating the buying, selling, auctioning and advertising of products and services on https://everusmall.com

Secure Shopping

No Card details are stored on our servers, & Everusmall automatically notifies you of any successful transactions made.  


Shipping and Delivery

Everusmall partners with various international shipping and courier companies to pick-up your purchased product from the selected merchant, and deliver to you promptly, safely and economically. Packages in transit can be tracked by Everusmall’s “Track My Order” feature.


Personalized Shopping and Support

Customers can create their e-wallet accounts in Everus World, & come to Everusmall to receive personalized services like shopping wish- list, or receive quick customer support service online or via phone.


Variety and Choices

Everusmall offers not just International Brands, but also famous local and regional brands.

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